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Fiber and Friends

Fiber and Friends

I have mentioned my local yarn before, but I have not gushed about my local yarn store which is totally past due.  Looking back at my “The Net Loft” tags, I have not painted an accurate picture of how important this shop is to my life.  Sounds dramatic yes, but it’s true.  I have traveled all over the country peeking my head into lots of yarn shops and The Net Loft in Cordova Alaska is the best!  My house is about 3 blocks from the best yarn shop in the country, hurray!

So what’s all this Fiber and Friends stuff about?  Well…. The Net Loft is putting on a knitting conference!  I have never been to a knitting conference but have been dying to go for years; it’s just so hard living so remotely, blah blah blah.  The Net Loft could easily headline a conference with the local talent of Cordova; we are constantly being spoiled with all sorts of interesting workshops from the many outstanding artisans in our area (see my post about steeking with Terry Stavig).  However, in addition to our all-star lineup from town, Dotty Widdman (the Net Loft’s owner and driving force behind this conference), has booked some world renowned fiber artists:

Bonne Marie Burns 

Alana Dakos 

Donna Druchunas

Lori Goldman

Gudrun Johnston

Mary Jane Mucklestone

and many more!!  Come hang out in a beautiful place and learn how to knit things.


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