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I love color



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To say I love color feels like an understatement. My yarn stash basket/tub/shelf has a full range of lights, darks, brights, and well, not too many neutrals. Up until the summer of 2011, I used color but it was usually the same color throughout the garment; most of the time I only needed one skein and didn’t want to purchase multiple skeins for a single project. Then Sharon McMahon from Three Irish Girls came to Cordova and changed the way I choose yarns by introducing me to Quartets.

Quartets are a set of mini-skeins of coordinating colors. The world of colorwork became more obtainable! Now I can easily make stripes on any knit project! Needless to say I’ve been scooping up the Quartets as they come into The Net Loft.

On my needles now is a pair of toddler mittens made from the Cordova Colorway “Black Bear and Blueberry” set. Two row striping makes a simple project 1000x more exciting. Good news is that the Quartet come with ample yardage; these mittens are made from the scraps of a striped hat I made for my brother this summer.

Another fantastic perk of the Quartets is already assembled coordinating colors! In the Fall of 2012, Three Irish Girls released new color in sets and The Net Loft ordered Quartets of these combinations. Check out an older post for a glimpse at the “Bellisimo” (pictured on the left), “Fresh Earth”, “Wonderland”, “Trip to the Tropics”, and “Fireside Chat” Collections. I have 2 sets of the “Fireside Chat” Collection in my stash awaiting a fantastic worsted striped sweater pattern, any suggestions?


In the meantime, I have found the perfect match for my Cordova Berries Quartet, the What Cheer! Cardigan. It will be perfect for my berry cute daughter who loves the great Alaskan outdoors.

Only question is, what solid color will I pair with the color collection?

Explore some of the Cordova Colorway Quartets The Net Loft has available online.

Also check out an older Net Loft post for photos of Quartets made of Three Irish Girl colorways.

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End of Sunny Days

Orange coats

Summer is quickly coming to a close.  The coho salmon have been running for almost a month now and our Cordova weather is following suit with rain, winds, and a crisp in the air.  In the meantime we’ll soak in as many sunny days as we have left.

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What Will Be Harper’s Birth Date?

Well it’s the second storm of the week and it has prevented me from getting to Anchorage in a timely manner.  Although I can only blame the weather system, I am slightly upset with myself for not leaving earlier when I knew that this storm was brewing.  UGH!  Any-who, after I found out yesterday that I need to go through orientation at the birth center or else I couldn’t deliver there, my quest to get to Anchorage ASAP became heated.  I bought a plane ticket.  Now, no matter, I’m going to Anchorage tomorrow to have my appointment Friday morning!  Hopefully the ferry will take me so I can have the convenience of a car, but if not I’m leaving on a jet plane.

While we’re waiting, how about playing the guessing game?

When do you think Harper will arrive in this unpredictable world?

My due date is October 9th. According to the specialists, she will be born sometime between today (!!!) and October 23rd.

Take your best guess!


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Home Sweet Home

View from our deck!

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