33 years and going strong

GrandparentsToday is my parents 33rd wedding anniversary.  How amazing is that?  I’m tickled to realize that my parents are celebrating their 33rd while Jonah and I are about to celebrate our 3rd.  It’s exciting to imagine where Jonah and I will be in another 30 years, hopefully on a mountain somewhere or drinking a tasty beer, ummmmm beer.

When you’re younger, your family is your parents and siblings.  You learn from each other, grow together, and create friendships that can last a lifetime.  Sharing a history with someone is incredible.  My parents, siblings, and I have adventured together for years and created lifelong memories.  Play your cards right and you can have these amazing friendships with people you’ve shared your childhood with that get richer as years go on.  Lucky for me, all of mine are still intact or at least I hope so!

My parents have built such an amazing legacy in their 55 years on this earth.  Four children who love and care about each other; all who are finding their own ways in this world.  Last October they also became grandparents and the legacy continues.

Last week Harper and I got to spend the weekend with them in Anchorage.  We had a wonderful time eating, drinking (beer for the 21+, water for the Harps), and laughing.  It’s a wonderful thing to see the people who raised you interact with the person you’re trying to figure how to raise yourself.


Cheers to the happy couple!  Enjoy your day!

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Happy Friday!



How are you celebrating?

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Hot Hot Hot

Mexico 1 240

To most, living in Alaska sounds very cold.  After living there for a few years, we have definitely became accustomed to cooler temperatures.  Harper has only known warmer temperatures on vacation and not many have taken place during the hot months.

Mexico 1 344

It was amazing to see locals in jeans and long sleeve shirts.  The caretaker of our rented house even commented “it’s not that hot.”  Midday it was 95!  When we left Alaska it was half that!

Mexico 1 237

Fortunately we had a great place to hang out during the hottest part of the day.  The house we rented was fantastic with a shaded side-porch and lots of kids’ toys.  However much the heat was, it felt so good to have the sun on my skin.  I’m getting tingles just thinking about it.  I love being in a place where the shade and sun temperatures are noticeably different.  Definitely makes me miss living in a place with a true summer.

Mexico 1 333It was great to see this little lady get a break from being bundled up.  Yay for cute sundresses!

Do you search for heat when picking a vacation destination?

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Excusez-moi… scusi… Excuse me!

Mexico 1 225

The first country I visited was France.  The last country I visited before our trip to Mexico was France.  In between I went to Italy and easily got by just knowing French, picking up bits of Italian on my way.  These experiences gave me a false sense of confidence in my ability to communicate in a non-French foreign country.  Let me rephrase that, traveling to Mexico put a dent in my bloated confidence in communicating without feeling like an idiot. Continue reading

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