Happy BELATED New Year!

Happy New Year! Yes, I know I’m 10 days late, but better late than never!

Please excuse the low quality of the photos, we traveled down south with only our phones for cameras and I’m not super impressed with the capabilities of my new devise. Next time we’ll bring the monstrous camera, there’s just no substitution.

Our Christmas vacation was pretty epic this year, complete with multiple locations. Traveling the Friday before Christmas is not recommended, however we did survive and are very thankful we have a dedicated family that will drive 6+ hours to pick us up from the Seattle airport when we missed our connection!


First stop on the Christmas train: Hood River! This was the first time the McAuliffe Clan has all been together since Harper was born. My mom astutely suggested we have professional photographs taken to commemorate. Genius! The photos turned out awesome!


The rest of the time in Hood River was spent walking to and from breweries. I have to say, I love my family’s willingness and even insistence in visiting brewpubs wherever we go, makes my job much easier. We visited Full Sail and Double Mountain of course, but the star of the trip was newish brewery Pfriem Family Brewery.

20131221_131005Next stop was a brief stint in Portland OR. Our time in Portland always feels so hurried. Being in a city with past regular haunts and a large number of people we want to visit, I never feel like we’re there for long enough. This time only having about 24 hours made it even worse! Somehow we managed to get to all the family in town, then headed to the airport for a 4:30 flight to San Jose.







Harper was a champ! She’s getting to be such an excellent traveler. We arrived in sunny CA just in time for a snack of prime rib, a glass of wine, and present opening.

20131227_085443Our next few days were full of sunshine. Harper took a tub bath on the porch, watched the birds fight over the seed on the railings, and yelled at Jonah working in the backyard. She loves being outside in the Alaskan cold, but she definitely has taste for warm Californian winter now.


Two excursions into the city, lead to more beer tastings! We visited Hermitage Brewing on our way to visit my Aunt Joan in San Jose. Then a trip into Santa Cruz for the Seymour Marine Discovery Center resulted in lunch at a favorite spot, Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing.

Just when we thought the fun was dying down, our (original) second to last night in ¬†California was filled with planning and phone calls to Alaska Airlines: A couple of Jonah’s friends from college were getting together in Napa for the New Year and they wondered if we wanted to come…. hell yes! We postponed our trip home and headed north.


We spent this year’s wedding anniversary (Dec. 31st) in sunshine instead of snow. On our way to Napa we stopped at a CVS to pick up last year’s anniversary photo to stay true to tradition. While Harper has grown by leaps and bounds, it looks like Jonah and I shrank a little – back to our pre-baby, pre-sleepless nights physiques.

I can’t wait to put the last 4 anniversary photos up side by side, so much has changed since Dec 31, 2010!


Happy New Year! And Happy Valentine’s Day if I don’t see you before then ūüôā



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33 years and going strong

GrandparentsToday is my parents 33rd wedding anniversary. ¬†How amazing is that? ¬†I’m tickled to realize that my parents are celebrating their 33rd while Jonah and I are about to celebrate our 3rd. ¬†It’s exciting to imagine where Jonah and I will be in another 30 years, hopefully on a mountain somewhere or drinking a tasty beer, ummmmm beer.

When you’re younger, your family is your parents and siblings. ¬†You learn from each other, grow together, and create friendships that can last a lifetime. ¬†Sharing a history with someone is incredible. ¬†My parents, siblings, and I have adventured together for years and created lifelong memories. ¬†Play your cards right and you can have these amazing friendships with people you’ve shared your childhood with that get richer as years go on. ¬†Lucky for me, all of mine are still intact or at least I hope so!

My parents have built such an amazing legacy in their 55 years on this earth.  Four children who love and care about each other; all who are finding their own ways in this world.  Last October they also became grandparents and the legacy continues.

Last week Harper and I got to spend the weekend with them in Anchorage. ¬†We had a wonderful time eating, drinking (beer for the 21+, water for the Harps), and laughing. ¬†It’s a wonderful thing to see the people who raised you interact with the person you’re trying to figure how to raise yourself.


Cheers to the happy couple!  Enjoy your day!

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Big Birthdays


Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband and brilliant daughter! That’s right, they have the same birthday! We have arrived in sunny Mexico to celebrate Jonah’s 30th and Harper’s 1st. Harper was terrific on all 4 plane rides. Now we’re fed and exhausted, I think the rest of the big birthday will include sunbathing, snoozing, and maybe some toes in the ocean.

If you don’t hear from us before the 13th but want to stay in the loop, check us out on Instagram.

Sorry this is a day late, internet glitches!

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The moment Harper picked up her stuffed blue cat and started carrying it around by the neck, I knew toddlerhood had begun. ¬†For me it was such an iconic moment, she’s a little kid now!

Jonah and I have been having a lot of fun giving her more room to explore and learn on her own.  Instead of putting her in the stroller right away on our walks, we let her walk up the street holding our hand.  The toddler gates have gone up and she can cruise around the living room on her own.  Some of the best moments these days have been on our porch, pointing at all the birds in the slough and playing with bubbles.


She looks at the world with awe and curiosity.  We could all use a little more of that in our daily lives.


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