Excusez-moi… scusi… Excuse me!

Mexico 1 225

The first country I visited was France.  The last country I visited before our trip to Mexico was France.  In between I went to Italy and easily got by just knowing French, picking up bits of Italian on my way.  These experiences gave me a false sense of confidence in my ability to communicate in a non-French foreign country.  Let me rephrase that, traveling to Mexico put a dent in my bloated confidence in communicating without feeling like an idiot.

Mexico 2 015

Thankfully we visited a country where the people are welcoming and patient.  They will repeat their questions of corn or flour tortilla as many times as you need.  The waitstaff of the restaurants will listen very carefully to your version of their language.  The grocery clerk will pull aside the English-speaking customer service woman to find the particular type of tape you desire.

DSC_0226That all said, I DO NOT recommend heading down to Loreto without any Spanish vocabulary under your belt.  I went to Mexico with someone who studied Spanish and worked hard to communicate with the locals.  Thinking now, there was no situation that Jonah couldn’t talk through.  I’ve known Jonah for 5 years now and before this trip I knew he had studied Spanish but hadn’t heard him use it.  It was impressive how he slipped right back into speaking a language he doesn’t use on a regular basis.  Harper and I wanted for nothing.  He even taught me some words to decrease my embarrassment of not being able to communicate.  Hopefully our next trip I can repay the favor!

How do you prepare for visiting other country?

¿Habla usted español

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2 thoughts on “Excusez-moi… scusi… Excuse me!

  1. Lois

    Such fun reading your adventures and seeing the smiling faces. Love, Lois

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