Viva Loreto


Family bonding.

Birthday celebrations.

Loreto was a perfect place for our first vacation as a family of 3.  We left all our worries and frustrations behind, enjoying a week of tacos and beers, strolling to all our destinations.  We stayed in the city proper; we wanted easy access to grocery stores and local Loreto life so staying in town suited us well.  The house I found on VRBO was perfect: easily cooled, fantastic porch, comfy beds, and a great location.  How could you ask for more?  


DSC_0034We kept things pretty simple, avoided the “great deals” the fishing company salesmen called out to us.  Instead of snorkeling, scuba diving, or sailing to the islands, we just wandered.  The constant in our daily walks was the plaza at the center of town.  Harper loved the green, white, and red flags flapping in the ever-present wind.  From the plaza we could mosey down a road with trees arched across the path, tourist shops filled with brightly colored plates ready to be shopped.  Or we could make our way towards the water and watch the pelicans dive into the water.  If it was a morning walk, it was likely for us to head down the main street where we ate 3 lunches at the same local restaurant.



Stay tuned to more adventures from our getaway to find out why this baby is so greasy!



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2 thoughts on “Viva Loreto

  1. shannonmacreed

    Looks amazing!!

  2. Kim

    It does look really awesome. The house and greasy baby are adorable.

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