Vacation Knitting

Christmas Stocking

One of the biggest decisions for a knitter getting ready for a trip is which project to bring.  Honestly I usually start a new project when getting ready for a trip.  It seems inevitable that I’m in the middle of a complex, multi-colored monstrosity that would be impossible to stuff in the diaper bag.  This time it’s Harper’s Christmas stocking.

Spooky Forest

Too big, too many colors: it’s not the mindless knitting that a vacation deserves.  Sadly Jonah’s sweater doesn’t fit into this category either.

Arranging the shotThis point in the photo shoot, Harper had some opinions about composition.  Although her style is more haphazard, it breathed life into the baby alpaca hat I’m making her.  This hat meets some of the vacation knitting requirements however I would worried about finishing; this means bringing another project or GASP not having any knitting for the trip home.

Harper HatIn the end, I’m bringing a new project.

It meets all the requirements:

  1. Only requires one ball of yarn.
  2. The pattern is easily memorized.
  3. It’s nothing that I HAVE TO get finished.

Midnight DelightWe’ll see how much knitting I actually get done in 90 degree Mexico.

What do you bring to occupy your time on vacation?




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