Cool weather, dark beer in the cellar


The official beginning of Autumn in Alaska was yesterday at 12:44pm.  Today I can almost smell snow in the air.  This weekend we had our 3rd fire in the new wood stove, the one christened by a bottled of North Coast’s Barrel-aged Old Rasputin XV.  When I noticed this specialty production of Jonah’s favorite beer was coming out, I alerted the Facebook page followers to keep an eye out in their area.  I thought it would be a perfect Valentine’s Day present.  Although it didn’t arrive in time for the “big day,” our friend Jonathan sent both this years and last years vintage.  Jeewizz!  They were not kidding about the bourbon barrel, this beer really packs a punch.  I wish that we would have held this one in the cellar a little longer, let it mellow.

My cellar…. sigh, I wish I was better at cellaring beer.  We just get excited to drink them and BAM!, no more cellared beers.

Here’s what I need:

  1. Cellar-able beer.
  2. A place to store them at a constant temperature, around 55 degrees.
  3. Patience, this is the hardest one to find.

The articles I’ve read then go into having a humidifier and de-humidifier to regulate moisture but I’ll keep it simple for now.  Put the beers in a dark, cold-ish place that isn’t easy to get to when you get thirsty.


Considering cellaring beer?  Here’s a few links to help out.

Imbibe Magazine 

Dogfish Head

Growler Magazine

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