A few of my favorite things

Christmas Stocking YarnI’m having a tough day today.  For some therapy I’m coming here to talk about a few of my favorite things rather than dwelling on all the things that are making me mad.

1. Wool.   In knitting and weaving, there are a lot of fibers to choose from yet wool always stands out from the rest.  Before my immersion in the fiber world, I thought of wool as the scratchy stuff that uncomfortable sweaters are made of.  While that can be true, wool is also the most versatile fiber.  It can keep you warm or cool.  It will keep the rain off you.  It’s stretchy but strong, it will withstand the hardest wear.  Wool has a past with many different cultures.  It comes in brilliant colors!  My dear friend Shelly Kocan makes some of the brilliantly colored wools I knit with.  She just revealed her new website dedicated to the fiber phenomenon of wool, adventures in and creation of.  Check her out at Woolen Travels.  Along with being a fiberphile, she takes beautiful photos of our Alaskan town and shares my next favorite…

Tea Shipment

2. Tea.  A hot drink on a cold, rainy day may be one of the reasons I’ve stuck around in Cordova for so long.  It’s how I begin every morning and my trick for getting through a tough afternoon (like today).  Before last Christmas I had just dabbled in the art of tea drinking.  It all changed when Jonah gifted me a subscription of tea from The Tao of Tea.  For 6 months I got 3 new teas, all kinds of teas.  Although it did not deter my dedication to black teas, I learned the variety they come in and how awesome smoked black tea is.  Plus I discovered the greatness of including tea in the beer brewing process.


3. This face.  I can’t believe I get to be this little girl’s mom.  How lucky am I????  Enough said.

This was a good lesson, I’m feeling better now.  I can feel the anger leaving my body as I slowly sip my tea and listen to a little Regina Spektor.

What are a few of your favorite things?

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4 thoughts on “A few of my favorite things

  1. those are a few of my favorite things as well! loved the song & hope you’re feeling better.

  2. Kim McAuliffe

    I’m sooooo lucky I’m your mother! Hope you have a better day tomorrow!

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