Spooky forest color combo


During our honeymoon U.S.A. tour, Jonah and I stopped in to visit friends in Maine.  Lindsay and Craig Lodis were not both Lodis’s at the time but had just taken the first step by getting engaged the night before we arrived!  Our Maine adventure begun with a night of debauchery in Portland (which made the list of places I would totally live).  The next day, delirious from lack of sleep and dehydration, the 4 of us made our way up to the Lodis’s house in Veazie. Our first pit stop was one of the best yarn shops I’ve ever been to and the provider of my Christmas stocking yarn, Heavenly Sock Yarns in Belfast.  Belfast also provided hot dogs and bloody Marys as lunch/ pain reliever, also adding to our goofiness as the next chunk of drive included coining future band names like “Diamond Nights, Maximum Balloon.”  Our second pit stop was in Ellsworth for the BANFF Festival.  Typing this now, I can’t believe we did this all in one day with such little sleep, ah to be young again.  Arriving early, we had time to stop into the studio of Atlantic Art Glass, Jonah’s uncle’s wife’s brother’s workshop.  Hours until the festival started, our eyelids began to droop, forcing us to spend the afternoon hours at Finn’s Irish Pub enjoying irish coffees and the “it used to be a train car” atmosphere.

The chartThe next few days we hung out in the Orono-Veazie-Bangor corridor.  Jonah and I spent the days wandering around while Craig and Lindsay were in school.  While hanging out in Orono, we happened upon the yarn store Fiberphilia (for which I can’t find a viable link, maybe they went out of business).  The woman at the counter was knitting mittens that caught Jonah’s eye.  Ideas started forming, decisions were made, this mitten pattern will the inspiration for a sweater!  There’s a lot more to the story however let’s jump forward to last week, 2.5 years later, when I finally started knitting *fingers crossed* the final product.

All the colors

Figuring out the right color for the trees was tricky.  I hand-dyed the yarns for the main part of the sweater and originally had black in mind for the trees, similar to the mitten design.  When the final product for the main yarn ended up so dark, I knew I needed to lightened things up.  Before I headed to Anchorage for the birth of sweet Harper, I grabbed some tan Cascade 220 thinking “trees are brown, this will work!”  I always regret hurried color choices, I do not know why I continue to make them.  For the last 11 months I’ve been SLOWLY adding stitches in the tan combo and it just hasn’t been working, I was not excited, and I definitely need to be excited for all the work this sweater will be.  Something needed to change and the popular vote said the color combination.  After digging through my stash I brought out a DK superwash that I bought in a Three Irish Girls, Carpe Yarnem sale.  I love it!  I think the grayish tones will give the sweater a spooky feeling (similar to the one I get from Jonah…).  Also reminds me of the colors outside my window these rainy days.

What inspires your color choices?

Storm relief

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2 thoughts on “Spooky forest color combo

  1. Kim

    Wow Beautiful picture and color choice. I love blues and grays.

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