Conquering the Mountain

cropped-dsc_0271.jpgIt is a strange thing to lose your body.  Throughout pregnancy things get stretched, moved, loosened.  No matter how much time and effort you put into the way your body looked before, after it all you are changed forever.  Slowly you put yourself back together and it hurts.  In the first days it took all the strength I had to walk.  It took weeks before I was back to my daily pace.


My pregnancy and long recovery not only affected me physically, but mentally also.  After all I went through I had an entirely different image of my body.  It’s an incredible thing!  My body grew and produced a person!  On the other hand I couldn’t do the same things that came so easily before.  My muscles were weaker, my core strength was gone, I lost confidence in what I could physically handle.

DSC_0150When Jonah first suggested hiking to the top of Mt Eyak, my initial response was ‘no, I can’t do that.’  I had done it before, almost exactly 2 years ago.  However I had a different body then, my confidence in my postpartum body making it was pretty low.


I ended up being wrong.  It was hard, very very hard but my body pulled through.  I arrived at the top nauseous and out of breath, then arrived at the bottom with my legs shaking but I conquered that mountain and my confidence is restored.


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3 thoughts on “Conquering the Mountain

  1. Grandma

    It’s amazing how a little person can take so much out of you. It’s a real challenge trying to find a little
    time for yourself. Daddy has to step in and give Mommy a change to nap and catch up on some needed

  2. shannonmacreed

    you are so amazing, always inspiring me!

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