Buckets of Rain


It feels strange to wish for rain in Cordova.

This summer has been the best weather I’ve witnessed since moving here in 2010.  Usually sunny days are interspersed in summers dampened by weeks of rain.  This has fostered a need to be outside when it’s nice outside because USUALLY you never know when the next one will come along.  However this summer the long SUNNY days, weeks straight of sun, a June of only 2.75 inches of rain has left me exhausted.  I’m welcoming the storms of Fall with open arms.

There’s so many wonderful things about being hunkered down inside while the weather is raging outside.

StoutLike drinking dark beers.


And knitting cute little sweaters.

I’ll be spending this September Sunday with some hot tea and my knitting needles.

Oh wait, is that sun I see?  Gotta get outside!

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3 thoughts on “Buckets of Rain


    Enjoy the sun


  2. I know EXACTLY what you mean. Especially as a Oregon transport to California, I spend all summer either outside, wanting to go outside or feeling bad about not being outside! It’ll be a nice relief when this 80 degree weather begins to dwindle and I can sit inside during the weekend, watching a movie, reading a book, or knitting, and not feel bad about it!

  3. ps, that sweater looks amazing!

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