Mr. Tooth, one-of-a-kind



I started my Let’s Talk About Beer blog the winter of 2009 with an epic trip from San Diego to San Francisco.  Sadly I didn’t talk much of the cat that took the journey with us.  Sawtooth patiently traveled with us as we visited breweries along the west coast that winter, even endured a camping trip in Ketchum Idaho.  He was up for all the adventures that winter, even following us on long hikes through the woods.

end-jan-feb-2010-005 california10-039

Have I ever mentioned the winter Jonah and I lived in a 10×14 cabin in the Santa Cruz Mountains?  Sawtooth was there too!  He was living large, full of ticks and digging large holes.  I never before met a cat that dug holes, one-of-a-kind.


When we moved up to Alaska, Sawtooth had to stay behind.  He was left in the loving arms of Debra and Greg (Jonah’s mom and step-dad).  With their love and lots of cat food, Sawtooth flourished into a stout man-cat, ruling the roost and defending his property from neighborhood cats and raccoons alike.  Although the vet labeled him as fractious, there was many times I saw him greet and cuddle people as they walked down the street.


Our ferocious kitty passed away last Saturday.  I’m heartsick to think the next time we visit Portland he will not be there to attack my feet but carefully inspect Harper.  Cheers to you Sawtooth!  You were one-of-a-kind.

california10-016 california10-010

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One thought on “Mr. Tooth, one-of-a-kind

  1. shannonmacreed

    He was such a great cat!! Miss him!

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