Happy Half Birthday


I can’t believe that it’s been 2 months since I posted.  I knew it had been awhile, but I was in denial.  I avoided even checking the blog, hoping that somehow it hadn’t been that long.

It goes without saying that I’ve been busy.  Work is getting into the busy season plus a 4-6 month old baby is so much more work than a 2 month old baby!  Who knew!!!  Remember back in the day when she slept most of the day?  I know it didn’t feel like that because her waking hours spanned the entire day and night.  All a sudden, she woke up!  Now the day is spent entertaining this tiny human.

She can be pretty entertaining herself though.  She giggles and smiles A LOT.  She gives super sloppy kisses that somehow miss and end being her sucking on your chin.  Her toys have exploded all over the living room.  She wants to make EVERYTHING a chew toy.  This was her first week of solid(ish) foods.


Harper is still on the petite side weighing in at 14lbs 11.1ozs at her 6 month check up yesterday.  She’s really stepping it up though; at 4 months she was in the 7th percentile, the 12th at 5 months, and now has graduated to the 25th percentile.  If she starts getting some of the solid food in her mouth, who knows how much she can pack on.

How did we celebrate the half birthday?  So far, a pretty long nap (maybe an hour?) and a walk about town.



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2 thoughts on “Happy Half Birthday

  1. oona b

    Aww. Happy half birthday sweet Harper. You are so loved xoxo

  2. Kim

    All these pictures are wonderful. You can really see the personality shine through. I love the one where she’s feeding herself with the spoon. Love you all!

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