Latitude 60 Book Club

I love reading books but have never been successful at being in book clubs.  I’ve joined clubs to not read a single book or attend a single meeting. I think once I read a book from my sister’s book club that I was never a part of…

However, I love talking about the books I’m reading and have read.  I will talk to you about them even if you haven’t read them.  BUT it would be so much better if you have.

So, I’m starting a book club, although not a real book club that you have to attend once a month.  I’m going to share with you the books that I’m reading.  If they sound interesting to you, join me!  Then we can talk about them! 🙂

I have been getting into KnitLit lately, maybe to pacify my longing to do the knitting I don’t have time for.  I just finished The Beach Street series and am onto The Blossom Street series.  The first book has a knit-a-long companion!

Life at Latitude 60.56 Read-a-Long’s currently-…

Life at Latitude 60.56 Read-a-Long 1 member

Read whichever books seems appealing and then we can talk about them!

Books we’re currently reading


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One thought on “Latitude 60 Book Club

  1. Shannon Reed

    Sounds fun to me!!

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