Hallway in Sailboat Blue


The Clamshack is our third place in Cordova that needed a paint job.  Opposite is my usual rule for choosing colors in this rainy climate.  After picking the living room color, I needed a compliment instead of another bold color, so I turned to my view for inspiration.  Cordova is full of blue tones, but it was the sunset tones that caught my eye.


Our main floor plan is pretty open; I was hoping to remedy the original disjointed feeling by painting the entire east wall the same color, Sailboat.  A fresh coat of blue-tinted white paint on the doors and trim really made a difference.  I’m very pleased how it turned out.

Right-side Before

Right-side After

Right-side After

Left-side After

Left-side After

Left-side Before

Left-side Before

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6 thoughts on “Hallway in Sailboat Blue

  1. Bill McAuliffe

    Looks beautiful – both inside and the outside view!

  2. looks great in person! What a beautiful sunset shot!

  3. kathrynelizabethmac

    That’s an insanely beautiful blue color! Can’t wait to see it in real life!

  4. Grandma

    so much better and warmer looking

  5. Shannon Reed

    Did you paint around the drawers in the kitchen??

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