2 Weeks

Trying out the new rocker

Sorry I missed the weekly update on her actual 2 weeks date, BUT today she got her 2 week checkup today.  Forgiven?

The results for today’s doctor’s appointment: 7lbs 3.1ozs (back to birth weight!), 20.5 inches (1.5inch growth!), and a 34cm head.

Big stuff happened this week.  We got home from Anchorage to a decent amount of snow.  Harper was amazing on the ferry.  She pretty much slept the entire ferry ride and didn’t complain too much when we were in super windy Whittier.  This week she’s becoming more alert, we get to see those beautiful blue eyes more and more.  Instead of her entire life consisting of eating, sleeping, and pooping, she actually awake at times, looking around at the world.

My parents arrived Friday night, anxious to meet their first grandbaby.  It was love at first sight.  We quickly learned that Grandpa Bill is the baby whisperer, he was able to calm down the crankiest Harper.  We also discovered that Grandma Kim is the burping master.  It’s been so awesome having my parents in town, not only to help with the baby but just hanging out.  It really makes me realize how much I miss them!

Jonah and I are doing are best to get to know this new little creature in our lives.  Thankfully, as we learn her quirks and nuisances, we’ve been getting more sleep and listening to less screaming. Hope this keeps up!

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3 thoughts on “2 Weeks

  1. oh my gosh you are all so darn cute!!!

  2. kathrynelizabethmac

    First of all, thank you for this post and all the photos! And of course you are more than forgiven, keeping up a blog is tough, even without a new born haha but anyway, I thought we already knew dad was a baby whisperer? And I insanely love Harper’s face in the photo “grandPa Bill, the baby whisperer.” Her eyes are so big, blue and beautiful! I can’t wait to see them in person! I also love that you put a picture of her crying, because up until now, I was pretty sure she was the perfect, never cranky, never crying baby, or at least it had seemed based off the photos I had seen haha just kidding. And lastly, her tongue-sticking-out ability is wicked. Thank you again for all of the photos! I can’t wait to meet Miss Harper or to see you, Jonah and Cordova again! Love and miss you!

  3. Grandma

    I bet Kim and Bill are in their glory. Wish we could be there too. We hope you catch up on your rest
    and heal fast. It’s 75 degrees here in Michigan today. Lower temps on the way. Grandpa is feeling
    better. Take care of our little great granddaughter. Love you and miss you.

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