4 Days Old

Reading with Dad

Harper in her custom made “Going Home” outfit

After 4 days in the hospital, we’re finally ready to go!  Harper left Providence in the going home outfit I knit for her this June.  Technically we’re not actually on our way home, Jonah booked ferry tickets back for October 18th; we are heading back to the apartment we rented in midtown Anchorage.

Back to the outfit! A few moons ago (around July 2011?) Sharon from Three Irish Girls came up to Cordova to teach classes and to tempt us with an incredible trunk show.  I remember clearly seeing the colorway Bryn for the first time.  My arms, already full of other yarns, bolted towards the skeins, grabbing as many as I could see.  “How many skeins do I need for a sweater?!?!” I shouted to anyone who would listen.  With no reply, Shelly calmly asked Terry Stavig (who I would later take a sweater class from) and she guessed 4 skeins.  “That’s how many I found!”  Hopefully, 4 skeins would be enough.

This last winter, I decided it was time to make an awesomely beautiful sweater so I pulled the Bryn yarn out of my stash and started winding them into balls.  I began to worry about 4 skeins being enough, but then I couldn’t order more of the Bryn; since the yarn is hand-dyed, the chances are high that yarn dyed later would be a little different than what I already had in my stash.  Ugh.  Oh well, I’ll have to solve this problem like any yarn problem: buy more yarn.  After consulting Sharon of Three Irish Girls on corresponding shades through the wonderful world of social media, I ordered 4 skeins of Elowen to make a striped awesomely beautiful sweater.

However life had another plan for me.  The thought of spending lots of time on a sweater I wouldn’t be able to wear for 9+ months, I decided to put the project on hold.  It was such a hard thing to do with all the gorgeous yarn out and ready to be knit.  “So, Sweater be damned!  If this little baby inside of me is a girl, I’m making her going home outfit with these colorways!”


Leaving the Hospital!

The “squishy sleeper” pattern was found on ravelry.com.

The yarn was purchased at the Net Loft and threeirishgirls.com.

The baby was made by this gal 🙂

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4 thoughts on “4 Days Old

  1. Shannon

    Oh my! that picture of her in her car seat is soooooo cute! i could die.

  2. she’s able to keep her eyes open! that’s so cool!

  3. Congratulations!!

  4. Grandma

    She is so adorable, especially in her going home outfit. Good Job Jessyka

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