Harper Joyce Dart-Mclean

Dispatch from Jonah:

After 12 grueling hours of labor, Harper is out of her womb home.  She was born on my birthday (10/6) @ 3:16 pm AK Time.  Since then, she’s pooped about 9 times and suckled at her mom’s teat for over 6 hours total (that’s about 1/8th of her life so far).  We got a little sleep last night after Jessyka fed her for almost two hours and then we sent her off to the nursery from 123o am – 430 am.  Today, we were hoping to go home but Jessyka’s blood count is a little low.  So, now we’re waiting for a new count and Harper is being fed (or is she just sleeping on the boob?).  Either way, life is good.

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6 thoughts on “Harper Joyce Dart-Mclean

  1. These photographs are all so wonderful, but nothing compared to what it will be like to meet her via Skype and then to meet her in person! Gah, I can’t wait! Everyone looks beautiful and healthy, albeit tired. Haha. And that first family photo is perfect. Live and miss you guys! Oh and CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. Wow! How exciting! Congratulations!

  3. Great Aunt Felicia

    Thanks for sharing, God love her, she’s beautiful. Jonah, Harper is the very best Birthday Gift you will get in your lifetime!! Love,health and giggles to all three of you.

  4. Melanie O'Brien

    Congratulations you two! She is such a beautiful baby and she will bring so much to each of you. Being a parent is something you really cant even describe; you just have to experience. And i think its so cool to have your birthdays the same day! Awesome job Jessyka (you too Jonah)! Safe travels back home…

  5. Shannon

    AMAZING. I love hearing from Jonah’s perspective. 🙂

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