Stuck in Cordova

Day 3 of being stuck in Cordova because of the storm.  I was supposed to leave on Tuesday by ferry; Tuesday being the day of when I “had to” be in Anchorage by according to the birth center.  Of course I insisted on waiting until the last minute and now I’m paying for it!  The ferry has been cancelled for the last 3 days due to high winds and high seas.  My car, that is packed with all the baby gear, will have to wait in Cordova until the ferry runs again.  Meanwhile, I got my group B strep test done at the Ilanka Clinic and have a ticket on the afternoon flight out of here.  Cross your toes it takes off!

The next backup plan (there’s been a lot of backup plans) is getting on the ferry tomorrow and taking it to Valdez.  Then I’ll at least be on the mainland and can drive to Anchorage.  Hold on Harper, I’m working on it!

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One thought on “Stuck in Cordova

  1. Kim

    Yikes! The rainy picture is awesome. I hope you get to go safely to Anchorage! Love you guys.

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