What Will Be Harper’s Birth Date?

Well it’s the second storm of the week and it has prevented me from getting to Anchorage in a timely manner.  Although I can only blame the weather system, I am slightly upset with myself for not leaving earlier when I knew that this storm was brewing.  UGH!  Any-who, after I found out yesterday that I need to go through orientation at the birth center or else I couldn’t deliver there, my quest to get to Anchorage ASAP became heated.  I bought a plane ticket.  Now, no matter, I’m going to Anchorage tomorrow to have my appointment Friday morning!  Hopefully the ferry will take me so I can have the convenience of a car, but if not I’m leaving on a jet plane.

While we’re waiting, how about playing the guessing game?

When do you think Harper will arrive in this unpredictable world?

My due date is October 9th. According to the specialists, she will be born sometime between today (!!!) and October 23rd.

Take your best guess!


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25 thoughts on “What Will Be Harper’s Birth Date?

  1. Shannon

    My guess is that she comes….. October 12th.

  2. Oona B.

    I predict Miss Harper will make her appearance on October 7th. Sending you and Jonah much love and support from Oregon xoxoxo

  3. HappyNerfHerder

    October 3rd 2012 @ 4:35 AM

  4. Margaret

    I am going with October 5th.

  5. Anna Sagan

    Girrll, get yourself to Anchorage because that sweet baby will be here on October 5th. Blessings to you and Jonah!

  6. Erik Reed

    October 6th. Definitely October 6th.

  7. October 9th. Gotta pick the due date hahah

  8. Mama thinks October 3rd!

    • Kim

      Still thinking. I had my babies early. My mom was late. Jonah was early. Grandma Jane never went into labor … Had to be induced. Hmmmmmmmmm October 12th. So she can have her own day. Except its Columbus day…. October 11th. My final answer.

  9. Chelsea

    Definitely sticking with the due date! Speaking from experience, October 9 is the best day to be born!

  10. Debra McLean

    October 7th Safe journeys mother and child

  11. Diane Simpson

    I vote October 2nd. I hope you get to have your car in Anchorage. Best wishes!

  12. Grandma

    Cousin Lindsey would like to share her birthday (I Think) Oct.4th. Aunt Kristen is the13th
    Cousin Viktor the 11th My guess is the 8th

  13. mary werner

    I will answer when I see you tomorrow. I wanna get a goooooooooooood lookseeeeeee. xo Us Hopkins are putting up with you Dart-Mcleans…..we get the advantage…..

  14. Michele

    Is this like a Price Is Right kinda thing, like if we guess earlier than the others we still win? Cuz I’m guessing $1…er I mean October 1st. And that’s more hoping than guessing because I don’t want it to happen on the ferry or the plane!

  15. Oct 3rd…mama knows best. I’m going with a morning baby, aorund 8 am ish.

  16. october 9th, you two are always so timely

  17. Oct 13….

  18. Molly Wolf

    I believe October 10th would be fashionably late!

  19. Beth


  20. Ellen

    October 12th, she will be fashionably late, and I still say she will have dark hair : )

  21. Aunt Felicia

    Cheater here! If she is early Oct.8, If she is late Oct.13.(aunt Kristen)
    Have a “Happy Labor Day” Love you!

  22. Megan, Jay and Ecko

    we vote October 4. Good luck. we are so excited about our new niece and cousin.

  23. Bill McAuliffe

    October 19th when your Mother and I arrive in Cordova while you are still in Anchorage.

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