Operation Home Office

The wonderful thing about having a great boss and a flexible job is that I get to work from home this winter while keeping an eye on little Harper.  Beth and I went through what needs to get done and what we want to accomplish this winter so now I’m ready for the next step, fixing up the space where I’ll work!

Here’s some before shots:

Entryway into the Den

What color to paint???

Desk & Bookshelf

So far I have all the basics, a desk, bookshelf, futon, cabinets along the ceiling (this room used to be the kitchen back when it was a clamshack).  Now I get to pick out the fun stuff.

What color should I paint the walls?

What color should I paint the trim, cabinets, and bookshelf?

What should I use for my filing system?

What futon cover should I get?

When Jonah and I got married, I had a wedding poster made up for us.  We finally got it framed last month.  Maybe I’ll take the color scheme from there?


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One thought on “Operation Home Office

  1. I picked my favorite color for my home office: purple. It’s not a drastic crazy color purple, but it does stand out. I added some black and white photos and some silver and gold color accents and it seems to be coming along well.
    I like the color scheme your thinking about doing! Plus there is a story behind the colors, which makes it that much more special! 😉
    Can’t wait to see the finished project. Good luck!

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