Tour of the Clamshack

The Clamshack

With a View

Back of House

Slider Door from Upstairs Porch to Living Room

Living Room

Living Room – Hallway – Kitchen


View from Kitchen

Upstairs Bathroom

Stairs to Attic

The Attic

Door to Den – Door to Entryway – Stairs Downstairs


Heading Downstairs

Harper’s Room

Our Bedroom

Downstairs Bathroom

Back into the hall from Our Bedroom

Rock Room

Outside Boiler Room – Storage Space Under Driveway

Back Upstairs


Out the Front Door

Front Door

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3 thoughts on “Tour of the Clamshack

  1. Wow! I love the clam shack. I can’t wait to see how you two settle. More pictures as they come (particularly of Harper’s habitat).

  2. Aunt Felicia

    How cute, nothing like your own place. Home is where u hang your heart!

  3. Cannot waaaaaait to come visit!!!

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