Miss Margaret

Receiving this exciting package in the mail gave me a great idea: Introductions!  I know that most of my readers are familiar with the people in my life, but for those who stumble across this site, here’s a chance for introductions!

Margaret and I have been friends are over a decade now.  Thrown together randomly on the same floor of Young Hall at the University of Oregon, after that we were roommates for 2 more years.  I know there are thousands of photos from that time, but since we met each other before the age of digital cameras, most of those are lost to me.  The earliest one I could find was Margaret’s graduation day.

We’ve been on many adventures together.  The first big one happened right after this photo was taken, Margaret and I drove from Eugene OR to St. Paul MN when she moved back to the Midwest.  Highlights included Mt. Rushmore and the Minnesota State Fair.  When I lived in Portland and Margaret lived in Denver, it was a lot easier for us to visit each other.  Finding events and cheap plane fares as excuses to jet back and forth.

With busier lives and more states in between, the trips have been getting a little harder.  Although Margaret made it to Cordova last September AND we made it to the top of a mountain!  Still, with the magic of the internet, Margaret and I talk almost daily.  And we have snuck in some additional adventures.

Like East Coast state hopping in 2009.  Our big accomplishment on this trip was going to 4 breweries in 3 states in 1 day!  Talk about skills!

This winter we met up in New York to visit our friend Mariko and meet her son.  Checked two more states off the list, one of mine and Margaret’s favorite pastimes.  Let’s see, how many states have we been to together: Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, Minnesota, Colorado, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. 14!  Nowadays Margaret calls Colorado home, a place I love to visit myself!

Margaret was also one of my bridesmaids!  And she will no longer be Miss Margaret this coming November.  She’ll be getting married in Estes Park in what will be a beautiful event.

By the way, this isn’t the first blanket Margaret has made.  She’s the one who got me started on making wedding blankets when she suggested we join forces to make Mariko her wedding blanket.

Here’s some quotes from Margaret about her blanket for Harper:

“As it went together I thought it made a very good visual of what Harper’s life in Cordova will be like, lots of natural blues, browns and greens, and then girly pinks and purples and such”

“I had gotten the yellow at the same time as all the other ones, and for whatever reason it was the last one in line to go in the stripes, but it didn’t quite work.  It was going to be too much of a contrast within the blanket so i decided to save it for the border”

Thanks so much for the blanket!  Can’t wait to show off some photos of Harper rolling around on it.

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One thought on “Miss Margaret

  1. Margaret

    Awwwwwww, all so sweet! It is amazing to think it has been a whopping 10 years + since we moved into good old young hall, when if I remember correctly Sterling referred to Katie and William as munchkins. We were both so different then, and now here we are. Can’t wait to see where we are in another 10 years! And I hope that Harper has just received her first safety blanket that she still has at the next 10 year catch up.

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