Poitras Wedding Blanket

I traveled to Oregon this last weekend with a jam packed schedule including the wedding of Tracy White and Joey Poitras and a baby shower for me!  Flying out of Cordova is always tricky, mostly because there is only 4 flights in and out each day.  On Wednesday I took the 1pm, Northbound flight to Anchorage.  Any trip through Anchorage is an excuse to go to the birth center and 28 weeks is an important check up.  In preparation for some blood work, I chugged a bottle of sugar water on the way to Geneva Woods Birth Center.  It tasted like a warm orange otter pop, yuck!  The test results?  I do not have gestational diabetes but am slightly anemic, so I made sure to grab some iron tablets while I was in Portland.  The other important reason for this check up was to get my Rhogam injection.  Since Jonah has positive blood, therefore has a positive Rh Factor, there’s a chance that Harper will also have positive blood.  Since I’m negative, there could be problems in the chance that Harper and my blood mixes.  It would make it harder to have more children.  Getting the Rhogam injection solves that problem.

Leaving the clinic with a band-aid on my arm and one on my ass, I walked over to Weston’s work to meet him and Mary.  We did a little hanging out and had great sushi at Sushi Sushi before they dropped me back at the airport for my red-eye flight to Anchorage.  As a rule, red-eyes suck.  Yes they can be convenient and what-not but trying to sleep sitting up and being expected to start the day when you land never goes smoothly.  On the other hand, flying straight from Anchorage to Portland without having to lay-over in Seattle rocks.  So… I’m glad I choose the flight I did, as annoying as it can be.  Worried about being comfortable in my enlarged state, I bought a neck pillow and it was pretty amazing.

Fast forward to Saturday night.  The wedding was amazing.  It was great to see two people who were so energized and just thrilled to be making this commitment to each other.  I went with Shannon and she made a comment that really resonated with me: she said going to weddings means a lot more to her now that she married.  I agree, knowing how marriage feels makes it that much more exciting to see others make that commitment.

Here’s the blanket I made for them!  When Sharon from Three Irish girls posted her pattern for the Spiral Blanket of Awesomeness, it was an easy choice for Tracy.  The blanket has a whimsical quality while still being elegant.  Although the yarn selection was the tough choice.  With other wedding blankets I’ve made, I have used the colors of the wedding as inspiration.  Finding nothing that I liked in a green-white-black combo in town, I ordered some yarn online.  Why do I do this????  Especially with variegated yarn!  I hated it.  Then I decided to give it a overall greener dyeing, and I hated that too.  Ugh.  Back to The Net Loft I went, while wandering around the shop I kept coming back to Salmon by Three Irish Girls.  Thinking “I can’t make a pink blanket for a couple,” I walked away.  All a sudden, there I was, back at the Salmon yarn.  Counting to see if there was enough yarn in stock to make the blanket out of the Springvale Super Merino, I was also busy convincing myself to buy this colorway.  All during high school, the time I knew her best, Tracy was all about pink.  When we picked which Power Puff girl we were, she was the pink one.  Her cell phone even had a pink cover!  (Remember those Nokia phones that you could change the front panel to different colors and patterns?)  I was sold, I love this colorway and I hope she does too!

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2 thoughts on “Poitras Wedding Blanket

  1. Tracy

    Jess! I love the blanket even more getting to hear the story behind it. You’re such a thoughtful and amazing friend. Love you girl and wish I could have to you more at the wedding. xoxox

    • So hard to spend time with everyone at the wedding, there’s way too many people there! I’m glad you liked it and that we’re still friends after all these years!!!

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