Twisty Trousers + Shrug

I added more color!  After running out of yarn making the pants, I wondered about whether to purchase another skein of Kieran or make an adventurous move: Alaskan Spruce!  I highly recommend this pattern.  These are wonderful looking pants for little effort.  The directions are easy to read, the only potential hangup being knitting the short rows and that’s what the internet is for!  Finishing up the pants didn’t take long either but only using a small amount of the skein, I needed another project!

Why not turn these Twisty Trousers into an outfit??

I settled upon the Confection Baby Shrug.  The pattern looked really easy and used less than a skein of yarn, it was perfect!  The shrug is knit mostly in one piece with adding on to make the arms longer and finishing with the ribbing around the front.  The only problem I had was using the Kitchener Stitch to close the arms.  I don’t know if it was baby-brain or what, but it took FOREVER and many tries to finally figure it out.

But I did figure it out and now both items are washed, dried, and ready for Harper to arrive!

Here’s the patterns:

Twisty Trousers

Confection Baby Shrug

All yarn was purchased at the Net Loft in Cordova AK.

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3 thoughts on “Twisty Trousers + Shrug

  1. Grandma

    Harper will be well dressed

  2. She’ll be the best dressed lady on the street! [except you, of course!] ahhaha but yes, she is going to be the envy of oh so many babes that don’t have as talented of a mother!

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