A Flight Over Cordova

Today I loaded up into a tiny plane with the Kurlansky family to take a tour of the Copper River salmon fishing grounds and the Copper River Delta.  It was my first time in such a tiny plane and I triumphed by only feeling ill towards the end.  It was a great new perspective of my town, now I’ve seen Sheridan Glacier at eye-level, from the top of Sheridan Mountain, and from a teeny tiny plane!

The highlight certainly was being able to see the fishermen at all stages of work.  Some were delivering to tenders, others heading back to their spots for more fish, and most excitedly, I saw some reeling in and picking fish.  Seeing them hard at work is going to make my next bite of Copper River salmon much more delicious!

Although we didn’t see much wildlife, the bright green vegetation was terrific.  The Copper River Delta is at it’s height of lushness.  It was all so beautiful I’m having trouble finding the words to describe, so check out the slideshow below for lots of photos!

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2 thoughts on “A Flight Over Cordova

  1. Bill McAuliffe

    What a beautiful place to be getting our food from!

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