Sunny Seattle!  The Emerald City was in a beautiful state when I visited this last weekend, not quite the boiling summer temperatures I was looking forward to but warmer than Cordova!  I was fearful since predicted thunderstorms, but I had no need to squeeze into my ‘now too small’ rain jacket.  (Yay Mom for bringing me a replacement!)

I was in Seattle for the 2012 BlogHer Food Conference.  It was amazing!  So many great classes, great people, and of course great food.  It was wonderful listening to different people talk about how they think about food.  Bottom line, it’s not just about stuffing your face!  From the stories behind the recipe to the nutrients of the dish, we talked how to appreciate the way food can nourish you physically, emotionally, and creatively.  Example (photo above), who knew it would be so much fun to make chocolate like the Williamsburg settlers?

The first day was exhausting!  I guess I’m not used to being on my feet and engaging people for 10 hours anymore, or maybe it’s the baby gestation thing.  After lying in my hotel room, unable to get up either because of the exhaustion or Friends marathon, my stomach woke up.  I walked the 6 blocks (by the way, I picked an awesome location for my hotel) to Long Provincial Vietnamese Restaurant.  It was amazing!  First of all, I’m a little easy to impress these days.  We have 6 restaurants in Cordova, none of them top notch, so getting to experience different cuisine in a well put together restaurant has restaurants I visit on the road already reaching 3 star potential before I even take a bite.  Even with an awesome dining room decor, Long’s did not disappoint once I got my food.  The tiny bartender loved the fact that they sat an obviously pregnant woman at the bar and made me a delicious virgin cocktail with lime, ginger, and salt.

Rolling in after 10 o’clock, my parents and sister arrived and we quickly went out to get some drinks.  (I hear it was a long day at work, followed by a long drive from Portland.)  They were pretty stoked to see how much I filled out, they hadn’t seen me in person since February when I first found out I was pregnant.  My mom commented that the photos online don’t do this baby bump justice.

Day 2 of the BlogHer Conference started out great, I had lunch with 3 lovely ladies from the kitchn and then was off to another day of classes.  I’m tempted to tell you all about the classes, but I think I’ll keep it to myself.  DEFINITELY you should sign up for next year’s event if food blogging is your cup of tea.  At lunch, we were given a 2 hour chunk of time to explore the Pike Place Market.  I love the Pike Place Market.  One of the things really missing from my life in rural Alaska is the luxury of going to an outdoor fresh market.  Every time I’m in Seattle, I like to soak up some time wandering though the stalls dreaming about buying fresh fruit and beautiful bouquets of flowers for $10.  Of course during this time I like to hang around the fish booths, hearing people “oooo and ahhh” about the Copper River salmon stretched out on the ice in front of them.  I like to eavesdrop on the know-it-all in the group educating others around them about why Copper River salmon is so special.

At the end of the day, Mom, Dad, Shannon, and I headed to Cutter’s Restaurant in hope of eating some delicious fish and we were not disappointed!  Entertained by the swarms of teenagers out before prom and our stuttering waiter, dinner was great!  The restaurant is right on the water and we could see the newly erected Ferris wheel from the table.  After dinner we walked past our hotel up to Capitol Hill for drinks at the Pine Box.  With 33 beers from mostly the West Coast on tap, this former mortuary in on my post-baby ‘must-drink-at’ list.

Sunday morning turned quickly from a leisurely sleep-in day to a ‘need to eat now’ emergency.  With the handy website, Shannon and I found a winner for breakfast: Lola’s.  Speed walking got us there quickly, but without luck, it was going to be one hour before we could sit down.  With Harper kicking ferociously (I have decided that she takes after her father, who also doesn’t enjoy being hungry), we dashed over to the other side of the street, to yet another Tom Douglas restaurant The Dahlia Lounge.  We were seated right away and the brunch was delicious, gave us the energy needed to speed over to the Fremont Market for a slice of Veraci Pizza.  We sadly said goodbye to Dad at the train station who couldn’t miss the next day of work, re-parked the car, and set off on foot again.

The rest of the day was spent wandering the waterfront of Seattle: from Olympic Sculpture Park to Utilikilts in Sodo.  We stopped for a few drinks on the way, including Happy Hour at Anthony’s (the winner of the Copper Chef Cook-Off 3 years in a row) where we had a great view of the water + the working dock cranes + the stadiums + Mt. Rainer.  All-in-all it was a fantastic trip.  I learned a lot and got to spend time with part of my family, great combination.  I do have to say that I booked my flight back at 11:15am thinking that was later in the day, but I had to get up earlier to catch that flight than my 9am out of Cordova: score one for tiny airports 15 minutes from your house.

People I met at 2012 BlogHer Food Conference

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Wanna be a Country Cleaver

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2 thoughts on “Seattle

  1. There are a bunch of Lola’s in San Francisco! We should go the next time you’re down here [which I hope is sooner than later]. Otherwise, it sounds like a magical trip! I wish I could have gone; I love Seattle too! But it will be so great to have you [and Harper] all to myself in Cordova! Especially since I’ll get to see all the baby knits you’re making!

  2. 2 days and you’ll be here. Bring a coat, it’s cold!

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