Happy Mother’s Day!

What more could a lady want for her first and only pre-Mother’s Day?!  Sunday morning I woke up to a smile-producing note, 3 skeins of beautiful yarn, and some awesome buttons.  Jonah found these goodies at a yarn shop in Ketchikan, The Point Art Cafe and has kept them hidden in our little apartment for over a week.  Needless to say I was super excited and foresee 3 new hats entering my wardrobe.  I’m going to start with the skein on the right, a hand-dyed hand-spun yarn from Prince of Wales AK.  It’s thick and warm which is exactly what a need since it was on and off SNOWING yesterday.  Now to find a pattern…

Mom and me

Happy Mother’s Day to my mamma!  When I was searching for pictures it took way too long to find one of the just two of us, that’s not good!  I am very excited to see her next month while I’m in Seattle.  Mom- I hope you had a great day in California!

Jonah and Debra

Happy Mother’s Day to Jonah’s mom Debra!  What a great mother-in-law too!  I couldn’t be more lucky.

Project Salmon

Here’s a sneak peak at another mystery project I’m working on, this one I’ll call Project Salmon.  The yarn is dyed by Three Irish Girls especially for The Net Loft as a part of their Cordova inspired yarn.  Salmon, we do love our salmon here.

Don’t forget to vote on whether you think our little baby is going to be a boy or a girl!

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One thought on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Kim

    Thank you BABE! Love you!

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