Flocks of Western Sandpipers, aka Shorebirds!

Single Shorebird

Every beginning of May, thousands of Western Sandpipers come to visit Cordova on their great migration along the west coasts of South and North America.  They feast on the array of insects and crustaceans that live in the mud flats, so Cordova is a perfect rest stop for them.  Jonah and I made it out to Hartney Bay at the right time this year and were able to creep out close enough to get some great shots.  The flocks in flight sound like waves crashing on the beach.  I had a hard time choosing my favorite photos, the up close shots or the photos of the flocks in flight?

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4 thoughts on “Flocks of Western Sandpipers, aka Shorebirds!

  1. Will

    they sound like waves crashing? that’s amazing

  2. Margaret

    The ones of the flocks in flight are VERY cool.

  3. lord howe island
    precisely what happens when everything we’ve described right here grows to critical mass – cannot really see that taking too much time the way things are – I do hope you folks are positioned for this because I suspect you’re probably going to receive tons of curiosity if this really does.

  4. Cordova created a festival around this migration and we have a great number of birders from around the world that “flock” here this time of year.

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