Copper River Salmon = A Marvelous May

Copper River flats

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It’s official!  The season opener for Copper River Salmon is May 17th.  They delayed in telling us because of the incredible amount of snow Cordova received this winter, but now we know!!!  What’s does this mean for me?  Not only does it mean start of high activity in my town, also at my job.  Working at the Copper River/ Prince William Sound Marketing Association, the winters are spent planning for the summer salmon season.  Now all the winter preparation will pay off!

Next week, May 7th-11th is the last week to prep before the season opener.  It will be filled with lots of fishermen meetings to get everyone the information they need to make this a profitable season.

The week after that, May 14-18th, is season opener week.  Fishermen will be running around trying to get ready.  We will be running around trying to get ready.  PLUS we’ll have two group of writers and photographers in town capturing the excitement of Cordova’s main trade.  It will also be my last week at the Copper River Watershed Project.

The night of May 17th, the salmon will be on their way to the lower 48 and at markets early morning on the 18th.  Jonah and I will also be making an escape from Cordova that evening, we’ll be heading to Colorado Springs, Colorado for the wedding of the lovely Lindsay Utley and the fantastic Craig Lodis on May 19th.  Hoping to come back with sun tans, we find out the baby gender on May 23rd!

This is going to be a quick, exciting month.


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2 thoughts on “Copper River Salmon = A Marvelous May

  1. And my birthday! 🙂

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