Who Who Wild Food Feast

WFF Hat on Head

On Saturday, the Net Loft had an unveiling of a new Cordovan-themed Three Irish Girls yarn: Almost Spring, a colorway inspired by a Ken Adams watercolor.   I stood at the table filled with lovely fibers of all sizes thinking “RESIST RESIST.”  I am in the midst of a very large project at home and am always trying (not-so successfully) to RESIST doing smaller projects during because it results in loss momentum.

The Net Loft: Almost Spring

For some strange reason on my way home from work on Monday, my car swerved into the parking lot of the Net Loft.  Through no fault of my own, I ended up inside staring at the new skeins again.

“If I get really chunky yarn, I could make a hat by Wednesday for the Wild Food Feast.”

(The Wild Food Feast is the Copper River Watershed Project‘s Copper Basin friends-raiser, they take donations for the silent auction which benefits college scholarships for local kids.)

“I really should buy this beautiful yarn and knit with it, for charity…”


Oh man, I am SOOO good at convincing myself to buy yarn.  Two days later, by lunchtime on Wednesday my Wild Food Feast hat was finished.  I used a pattern found on Ravelry that made use of cabling to create hidden owls.  I love this pattern especially when only one owl is identified with button eyes, very whimsical.


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3 thoughts on “Who Who Wild Food Feast

  1. I love it! I think I want to make the owl sweater this year: http://katedaviesdesigns.com/designs/o-w-l-s/ or maybe I should make the bump an owlet: http://katedaviesdesigns.com/designs/owlet/.

  2. This hat brought in $50 at the silent auction!

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