First Appointment at Geneva Woods

Monday March 19, 2012:  Jonah and I finally take off from Cordova at 9:30am, a half an hour late.  The snow is falling pretty hard and the usual guy who runs the de-icer machine got into a fender bender on the way to work.  We took off a little late because the airline had to call another employee into work.

We land in Anchorage at 10:15.  The smoothest ERA flight I’ve been on!  Thank goodness since I hadn’t been feeling my best.  We had our bags in our rental car by 10:45, gotta love small airports!

When we pulled into the parking lot of the Geneva Woods building, I kicked myself for leaving the camera at home when I debated so long about bringing it.  Just a dozen feet from the entrance, a small moose grazed on the trees.  In Cordova we have plenty of wildlife inhabiting our town but the moose are pretty elusive.  It’s definitely a different story in Anchorage, moose roam the city streets, dog parks, and hotel grounds. Later in the day, we watched a pair of moose grazing from our hotel window; this morning one hung outside the window at breakfast.

[Insert awesome photo of a moose.]

Any-who, the appointment was great.  I finally got a great explanation of what will be happening in the next 7 months and feel much better about giving birth on the last frontier.  During our subsequent appointments, we will meet all 5 of the midwives at the center, that way we’ll know the midwife who is on call when the time comes.  This appointment was with Felicity, she was easy to talk to, informative, and patient.  After answering dozens of questions and a physical exam, Jonah and I heard the rapid heartbeat of our little one for the first time.   It was amazing!

After the appointment, Felicity gave us a tour of the birthing suites.  Check out them for yourself on their website.  I am feeling like I have a lot more information, now I just need to figure out the logistics about moving to Anchorage for a month at the end of the pregnancy!

Next appointment: April 10th.

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2 thoughts on “First Appointment at Geneva Woods

  1. So amazing!! You are moving to Anchorage!? what!

    • Because it’s unknown exactly when the baby will come, you are supposed to go over to Anchorage at week 37 and stay a week after the baby is born. Depending on when he/she arrives, I could be in Anchorage for a month!

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