Week 10

News from thebump.com:

Week 10 Prune


The baby is the size of a prune!

As of week 10, he/she is about 1.2 inches long and weighs about .14 ounces.

His/her body length will almost double in the next three weeks.




Week 10 Baby

Baby has working arm joints, and her cartilage and bones are forming.

Her vital organs are fully developed and they’re starting to function.

Her fingernails and hair are starting to appear, too. (That’s right Juno.)

Plus, she’s swallowing and kicking in there.




From Jessyka: The weird dreams I was warned about are definitely starting.  Feeling super tired all the time is NOT helped by waking up multiple times a night because of strange dreams and to pee AGAIN!

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2 thoughts on “Week 10

  1. Sorry I keep asking this, but are you going to put photos of your growing bebe bump on here? I just think that taking a monthly (maybe weekly as you get further along), picture is such a fun way to document the pregnancy! Especially for those of us in the continental US who don’t get to see you everyday!

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