Baby Dart-Mclean’s First Picture

After weeks of waiting IMPATIENTLY, the day for our first ultrasound finally arrived.  Scheduled at 9am, Jonah went in to work in the morning and I worked from home until it was time to meet him at Cordova Hospital.  However, the snow had another plan for me.  It had snowed almost 2 feet of light, fluffy snow the night before and even though Jonah heroically scraped off the windows and shoveled an area to back into, our 2 wheel-drive Jeep could not find the power to push through on the down-sloped road we live on.  After 30 minutes and a solicitation to our neighbors (thanks Kate & Alex!) to help shovel out, I was free!  Thank god the hospital is a 3 minute drive from the house.  (Yes, I know I should have walked, the beauty of hindsight.)

I arrived only a few minutes late and thankfully the snow delayed everyone so my lateness was only noticed by Jonah who had been waiting patiently for a half an hour.  Once we got into the room, the snow anxiety left and the excitement began.  The ultrasound technician warned us that she liked to take and analyze the photos before explaining them.  It was so hard to wait!  I studied her face for any warning signs, as she easily chit chatted with us about Cordova and our jobs.  FINALLY, it was time for her to share.

The technician informed us that the due date is October 9th.  Jonah is pretty pleased, hoping for a baby on his birthday (October 6th).  We could see the flicker of the heartbeat, going 171 beats per minute.  Amazingly, we could also see the start of little arms waving around.  I bet he/she will be an active little dude/dudette.

Ultrasound Photo

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One thought on “Baby Dart-Mclean’s First Picture

  1. anne sagan

    how exciting!!!!!

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